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Ok, maybe the name of our site wasn’t the wisest idea, because we keep getting visitors who aren’t impressed with any of the many kinks and all kinds of different genres that we offer on this porn gaming platform, and that’s because they are here looking for actual board games for gay people. It never occurred to us that people might come here looking for Gay Monopoly or Gay Dungeons And Dragons. Although we are featuring some card-based games on the site with gay themes, we are in fact focusing on bringing you gay porn games from all across the world of porn.

On our site you will find variety both in kinks and in game genres. We offer you all the main categories of porn and then we also come with different gameplay styles, through which you can please different aspects of your sexuality, being them carnal, emotional or mental. Different kinks and fantasies need to be pleased by different games, and we knew exactly what style of gameplay each kink needs in order to make it seme fulfilled. So, let’s talk about the collection of Gay Board Games below.

Different Games For Different Kinks

In case you didn’t catch my explanation in the previous paragraph, allow me to elaborate it with concrete examples. As I said before, fantasies work on three different levels, namely carnal, emotional and mental. And we’ll talk about all of them and about the games that we think are best to fulfill them.

When it comes to your carnal fantasies, you need games that are all about sex. And for that, you have our collection of sex simulators, which are coming with no story and with POV gameplay in which you get to experiment with all kinds of positions and physical sex acts. Besides bareback fucking, deepthroating, all kinds of cumshots, and anal creampie, you also get some games in which you can enjoy feet play. You will also get to customize the characters in these games so that you can fulfill fantasies of twinks and jocks, big dicks, little dicks or even furry. Although in the parody games most of the characters are not real to begin with, when you feel good enjoying gameplay in which you fuck Batman, Naruto or other famous characters form pop culture, it’s still a carnal need you want to fulfill.

Now, when it comes to fantasies that are not rooted in the sexual act, but in the scenario in which sex acts are happening, then we have emotional fantasies, and the best example for it is the incest one. Incest is not about sex. It’s about the thrilling and sinful emotions that you have knowing that you fuck your brother or your daddy. And in the fantasy simulators of our site, besides sex, you also get to experience all interaction that leads to sex, through dialogue, seduction and trickery. Other kinks pleased through our RPG games are first time gay experiences, BFF seductions, sugar daddy fantasies and so on.

Now for the mental fantasies and fetishes, we have the games that are more on the dark side. All the BDSM simulators are in fact appealing to your mental desire of dominating a helpless and submissive slave. We also offer games in which you can please your fantasies of submissions and play from the perspective of the slave. Hypno porn games and our selection of rape role play games are working in the same way. The right genre for these kinks is the one that combines both carnal action and gestures of overpower and punishment, such as spanking, slapping and impact play.

All These New Games Can Be Played In Your Browser

Although from what I’ve described, it might seem like we’re running some kind of adult games Steam, that’s actually the future in which we live. The industry has evolved and now games look so much better than ever before. Everything you find on our site is coming in HTML5, which besides great graphics and cool game design complexity as I detailed above, it also comes with complete cross platform availability, which means you’ll be able to play these games straight into your browser, no matter what device you use.

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